Sunday, February 16, 2014

recent projects

I have been able to do much miniature work lately. I becomes a train that can not be stopped once I get started. I's fun that everything has gone so smoothly, but now I notice how tired I get of crafting. It's probably the other way around for many, they do it to relax. Of course, it can be relaxing for me too but it takes a lot of energy. But it's nice to have done some things that I'm going to sell at the fair.

These are some
of my recent projects. I have made a table, chair. lights, a canvas, and a bench. Mostly I do things inspired by pictures of things or real furniture. However, the table, bench and chair are my own designs =) All of a sudden I got an idea how I wanted a chair, but has never made a chair before so I had to look on the internet how I would do it. This is made of matboard because it´s a test, but then I'll do it in wood. a little bigger, I think that it must be. I´m going to to make a lot of different kinds of lights later. It will be fun!


  1. Åh va fint!! Jag älskar bordet!! Och stolen och tavlan, ja allt =)

  2. Så läckert! Så bra tavla och lampor passar till det härliga bordet. Jättefint

  3. Hi Anna! Your contemporary scene is really good and the lighting is wonderful! I like the chair and I really admire that fact that you are unafraid to tackle things that you have never done before!
    Well done Anna! :D