Thursday, August 22, 2013

Would you like to help me make a magazine?

Would some of you contribute photos to a miniature-miniature magazine? I like makeing magazines or other things in photoshop, and have been thinking of doing a miniature magazine about miniatures =) Since I cant take pictures of other people's pages, and I have not so good pictures myself, I wonder if some of you may like to give some or your pictures to me that I can use? If there are many who want to help, maybe it will be a really good magazine that you are able to subscribe to even ;) but if you want to help me with my first magazine, please write a comment to this post and a link to your post where I can borrow text and images. I will ofcourse write that it is from your site inside the little magazine =)
thank you!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Join our swap =)

We have started a new miniature-swap in our group on Facebook.  
Those of you who want to participate can go in there and learn more about the swap and join it.
We have had three swaps in the past and everyone have thought it was really fun.
Now I invite you too =)

The group is called "
Temaveckor- Miniatyrer, dockskåp och tittskåp" (Theme weeks- miniatures, dollhouses and room boxes).  
We usually have different themes where you can add pictures to fit the theme that is at the time. You can also post inspiration, tips, links, etc.

It is written in Swedish, but that can easily be translated in Google translate, or someone in the group can help you.

You are very welcome to join =)

Temaveckor- Miniatyrer, dockskåp och tittskåp

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More dolls

I made ​​a few more dolls. The first doll I did had hair extention that I had cut to fit the mini doll. But now I tried to use the wool that are used for needle felting. They do not look like I had wished so finally I gave up and printed out pictures of Blythe dolls instead. =)