Thursday, August 22, 2013

Would you like to help me make a magazine?

Would some of you contribute photos to a miniature-miniature magazine? I like makeing magazines or other things in photoshop, and have been thinking of doing a miniature magazine about miniatures =) Since I cant take pictures of other people's pages, and I have not so good pictures myself, I wonder if some of you may like to give some or your pictures to me that I can use? If there are many who want to help, maybe it will be a really good magazine that you are able to subscribe to even ;) but if you want to help me with my first magazine, please write a comment to this post and a link to your post where I can borrow text and images. I will ofcourse write that it is from your site inside the little magazine =)
thank you!


  1. It sounds like a exciting idea. But also a huge job. I wouldlike to deliver some of my pictures.

    If you are contacting people directly through their blog, I think you can get accept from many other miniature practitioners. Good luck with your exciting project.

  2. I will definitely contribute pictures, and would eventually be interested in helping you with editing and writing, but not the editing and writing for about six months. I've been working with GIMP ( a free, way less cool photo shop type program for those of us who can't afford photoshop :) I will send you some pictures, but I'm going to put a watermark on them first. What's your email again? I think it would be great to have a miniature magazine created by a Canadian bringing a Canadian perspective, although I know that you are planning to include Miniaturists from all countries.

  3. Hej! Vad spännande med en tidning! Vill du ha bilder på färdiga rum eller snarare beskrivningar på hur man gör en speciell grej?


  4. Very interested also...I will email you more after the weekend xx

  5. definitely interested in this, great idea

  6. You can have anything you like of mine honey, people already have my photos all over the web ;P

    I think they are even selling my miniatures without having them *lolzz*

    Have at it>

    Just notate the shots as "minifanaticus" J.s

  7. What a wonderful idea. You'll do a great job.
    Hugs from Craftland