Thursday, January 31, 2013

1000 pageviews!

I moved my blog to blogspot exactly a month ago and it reached 1000 pageviews today =) I have had contact with very many nice people through the blog this month and I'm really happy about that =) It's so nice to get to know people around the world who all share the same interest. Everyone is so helpful and inspiring So I give you all a big hug!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Update of my projects right now

 I have not blogged in a few days now, but I have made miniatures that I'll show you =)

This is part of a work of art that will be in the "book room". I shall do a lot of flowers that will hang from the ceiling. But there is still much to do.

This is what I´ve been done to "the tiny house".
It got a roof now, I´ve put "glass" in the windows, columns on the balcony, and some frames around the windows. Not done.

This is curtains for the "book room" I will be adding some details later.

I saw a tutorial on how to make handbags, so I tried it. But this is not done yet. 

I have looked everywhere for a toyplane in real size for my sons room, but I havn´t found it anywhere.
I found a tutorial on how to make one in miniature. It was pretty easy, so I've done a few now. later I will paint them, and put it in the children's room in the doll house =) Maybe do a realsize also and put in my son´s room. 

I was going out dancing this weekend and found that they had very pretty
cocktail sticks there. Do you have a tip for what I can do with them? I was thinking about some modern lamps or something. Please help with tips, all of you are so creative  =)

Monday, January 21, 2013

My To do-list

To do-list

For the "book-room":
a window
ceiling lamp
paperflower art
flower bedding




Sofas for the lundby house

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Messy bed tutorial

I learned a great thing on Elisabeth´s blog (
How to make fabric crumple, draped, nice folded, or just messy looking.
This is how I did it:

I doublefolded and cut out a piece of tin foil, a little bigger than the mattress.
 Then I cut out the fabric I had chosen, a little larger than the foil.
Glue the entire area of foil that lies against the fabric so that it is fixed to it.

 I put glue on all sides of the foil and folded the fabric.
And it´s done! 

 Then you can fold the fabric as you want it.
(and you can also do the same method on curtains)


Maybe the minipeople have a cat lying under the covers.
Or someone who hides... or doing other things...

New followers =)

Welcome, my new followers =)
Some of you I recognize from before and some are unknown to me, it'll be nice to get to know you =)



Contrastes - Rosa Mª

Maria Ireland

Mandy Vlak


Ruth Ramaekers

Fiona Pringle




Diva Williams

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have a question for you who use blogspot.

I have just started using blogspot.
What is the best way to reply to comments? Is it easier if you write the reply in the other person's blog or in my own? I want to write back to those who write to me, but don´t really know how to do.  
How do you use to do?

Thanks for your help =)

Wall of book pages

I am so in love with a house that Caroline who has the blog Cinderella Moments, has done
I love the style and decided to make a similar wall as she had done. It is papered with old book pages in miniature
So I found some pictures on the internet, and shrunk and printed it.

Then I sat all night and glued all the little book pages on the wall. I don´t really know how to decorate the room yet, but I put in some temporary furniture so that you can see how it looks with the wall anyway. 

I haven´t so many finished furniture yet, so I'm going to build some later, then it will be new furniture and a new style of this room.
Here´s a link to Caroline´s house, my inspiration =) 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hannah and Alice =)

Hannah and Alice responded to the post "comments please" where I wrote that the first two who commented would receive a small gift. I already have Hannah's address but not Alice´s.  

So Alice could you please email your address to me so I can send your gift =)  
email me at:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Tiny house

Today I started a new project. I'll make a dollhouse in 1:144 scale. I found a template so that I could see how big the house would be but I don´t really know if it's the right size anyway.  
I cut out thin cardboard for the template and made it so that it became the way I want it. But it was difficult with the walls and cutting out windows, etc.. So I'll see what the result is, but now I have atleast tried =) 

I'll continue tomorrow, but now I should probably go get some sleep...
Good night!

Friday, January 11, 2013

More followers =)

I want to say hello and welcome to my new followers:

Wyrna Christensen

I get so happy everytime I see that someone has become a follower =)
All my followers have great miniature blogs also, so check them out!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first followers!

I had a few readers before I moved the blog to blogspot, but I do not know if they've found their way here to my new address yet. But the two readers have connected to my blog now and I'm really happy!

My new followers are 
Elizabeth S

I hope you´ll enjoy my blog =) 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"a fairytale come true" have a giveaway =)

 I have been reading the blog "a fairytale come true" and I think she´s very talented and makes so pretty things =) Now she have a giveaway on her blog and I´m gonna try if I got any luck. Don´t miss it =) 

The candles

These are the candles I made =) 
I made a lot more but these are the diffrent colors.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Comments please =)

There is only one person who comment on my posts. I'm really glad that she leaves a comment now and then, but I would like to know who els reads my blog.
Therefore, I thought I'd give a little giveaway to the first two who comment on this post!

Please write something about yourself also and if you have a miniatureblog. =)
I want to get to know my readers =)

One comment so far.  Hannah, you will get a little gift =)
The next one who comment will also get one.

Friday, January 4, 2013

In the candle-factory...

Today I made more candles. I mixed in crayons with the stearic this time to see if it got good results with different colored candles. You can see the results on my blog tomorrow =)

Advent calendars

Ok, I know I'm a little too late to tell about some Advent calendars that was in december.  
But I link them anyway because you can still use much of what was in them.  
There are tutorials, printies, inspiration and more.
I think it's good for myself also to have all the links I use on my blog so I do not need to bookmark and search through them on the computer.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Swap

I joined the Holiday Swap at Mini Modern Mind and was paired with Otterine (Brae).
I had seen her miniatures in the greenleaf forum before and I think she´s very talented and I really liked her style.
I was so happy when I got paired with her, and last week I got the things she sent to me =)
I got two plants, a furniture, two books, a pillow, a christmas gift and wrapping paper, and a cute piggybank.
I loove to recive packages and soon she will have what I sent her too =) 
Thank you sooo much Brae!

I´m back!

Hello! I'm back!

I'm starting the new year with the renaming and moving my blog =) I used before, but I think this suits me better.
I have not blogged for a while now because I've been busy all december.
Me and my friend were on holiday in Gran Canaria and enjoyed the sun and sea.
It was really wonderful to have a break and get away from the snow, the warm weather.
Then it's been Christmas and New Year's Eve.
Now I can finally relax and start crafting again.
Hope you had a good time during the holidays. Have a great 2013!