Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mini-swap with Jennie =)

Jennie is such a talented miniatyrist! I have seen many of her things and been amazed every time! A while ago, I saw that she had made "kärleksmums" (I dont know the English name for them). I was so impressed! They look so real and so cute and small! Every detail is so impressive! So me and Jennie have started talking on facebook and decided we would do a swap. We had intended to send only the "kärleksmums" and I would send her some candles. But the candles didnt turn out as nice as I wanted so I sent them, and a few extra things to her. And she sent a few extra things to me too =) Her "krämbullar" are also sooo incredible! Such details! She is so talented! Everything is so pretty!! Thanks so much Jennie! =)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A birthday gift for myself =)

I'm so happy! I've been looking for a mini Kitchen Aid for so long, but most of them does not look right. But now I found a cheap, realistic and PINK one on ebay! So I bought it for myself for my birthday, Congratulations Anna! =) Now I´ll wait until I get it and I will do scenes with cakes and kitchen accessories =)

(the picture is from the seller fullrich-2009 on ebay)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My second cake

Now I have made another cake. It's really fun to do. I havent done such cakes I did in real life yet. When I made them in real size I  focused mostly on the decorations on the outside. But now in 1:12 I try out different color combinations on the cake layers. It is more difficult to do that in real life so it's fun to try it in 1:12 scale. But the next cake I'll do, I'll try to do more decorations on the outside. But this is how my second cake turned out anyway =) I made a simple cake with different shades of pink on the cake layers and just plain white on the outside. I did the cakestand and a few plates to.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

By request =)

Birgitta wanted me to make a pink my little pony for her, so tonight I did =) 
My third horse =) Hope you like it Birgitta! =)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter- swap!

We had an easter-swap on our facebook group. and this is what I got:

This is what I got from Magdalena =) thank you so very much! I went to pick up the package and could not hold myself, so I had to open the package in the car =) not so smart to do it when it comes to tiny little things. but nothing disappeared =) Such nice easteregg with candy inside, a bowl of pretty eggs, one letter, one teapot, one eastercard, and a straw hat =) Really nice! thanks so much!

Thanks Lisbeth for your great package =) a tray of salmon and lemons and an easter egg with candy inside. The salmon was really well done! it really looked real =) and really nice pattern on the egg too. thanks =) it's so fun to swap =)

This is what I sent to Magdalena: 

I sent almost the same to Lisbeth except colorpencils, diffrent books and the egg, and a "eastertree" with feathers instead of the horse. Both got the eastermagazines and the colorbook.

Tomorrow, I will send a package to the U.S. as I should have sent a loooong time ago. 
I've had some performance anxiety perhaps you could call it, because I shall send the package to a person who is my role model in miniature world and is really good at what she does! I'm so ashamed that I havnt sent the package as I would have done, but I've talked to her and hope she will be pleased with the package although it will be very much too late ...