Friday, May 31, 2013


I know I have been bad at responding to the comments that I get. You write such nice things and I would like to respond to every one. Sometimes I would like to write more and get to know you more but it feels so weird to write "letters" on my own blog. Maybe email? Would like to comment more often myself too on your blogs. But I guess that some of you know what I mean, that in certain periods, one might have more or less time to answer everyone. but please keep comment so I know you read my blog =) I appreciate all my readers very much! And you are doing so amazingly beautiful miniatures too!

Soon I meant to have a diffrent kind of swap. You get to know more later =)

I have settled on the couch. I have a fever and have not been able to do anything for 2 days, so the couch is my only friend right now haha. Today I still though I would make the
final touch on the schnauzer that was almost ready. 

Here is the results:

Take care everyone! Hugs!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I got this weekend =)

 My mom found a small shop in a small village where the woman who owned the store also sold miniatures. Mom took me there this weekend and I got to choose what I wanted and she gave it to me in 30 years birthday gift. I have to go back there some other time and buy more =)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My friends barbecue minis =)

I have come to know a new friend, and one evening we was at my place and played board games and since he is also creative I thought we could do a little miniatures together, and he thought it would be fun. 
I was a little surprised because it's not that many guys who would like to do miniatures to get to know each other. But he was really good at it! You can see that he has the talent to create things =)
It's been really nice weather here in Sweden recently, so he was probably eager to have a barbecue =)

Friday, May 10, 2013

guinea pigs

Here is Jennie's two guinea pigs "Bävern" and "Tofsen" as I have done from pictures she showed.  

It was fun to make guinea pigs so I've made a few extra. This one I sold to Hannah on the "miniature market" on Facebook. (you can also add things there if you want to sell your miniatures)

And here are two more: 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh happy day!

I dont know if the rest of you tend to be very personal in your blogs, but I just have to tell you how happy I am right now

Something I have struggled for, for many years has finally happened! This is one of the happiest days of my life! I've had a very tough time and it's been a hard road to travel. I thank God for the strength and guidance he has given me, and my friends who have been there for me and my son all the time.  
Without my faith and the love for my son, I wouldnt have made ​​it. Now I'm truly happy in my soul! This is the ONLY thing that keeping me from living my life fully. Now Im looking forward to an exciting future =) Life-changing! Thank you God =)

Now on to minis =) 
I have made ​​a small chihuahua puppy to Monica. She had a request how it would look. I've never done a dog before, and I've never tried to make flocking in "pattern" before. So it was something new for me. I have tried many new things recently, and after I did the chihuahua, people started ask me if I could make other animals for 'clients' wishes. So now I've done two guinea pigs which I'll swap with Jennie =) I'll get a lot of "candy boxes" of her. I'll show pictures of the guinea pigs later =)

The chihuahua puppy:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a BIG day!

Today was a BIG day! My  4 year old has learned how to ride a bike =) I'm sooo proud!! I've done some small things today too.  I did toilet rolls, a teddy bear, then I took a picture of the cup that I have painted before. I dont know if you can see what I've painted =) I tried to make a city silhouette.