Monday, February 24, 2014

Mother and son-time =)

Today I sat down on the couch after dinner and my son were playing next to me. I continued the rug that I'm doing right now (I learned the "proper technique" to tie rugs yesterday and it is MUCH faster than tying each knot separately after each row)
My son saw my rug and got really impressed.
I asked if he wanted to make one too and he was really happy to get the chance. First, he said, this looks like a butterfly! but then he wanted to make one that looked like mine. The purple one is the second rug that he did It's so nice that he wants to make rugs with me =)
Tomorrow I´ll be finnished with my rug and will make some pillows for the sofa to match =)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Material shopping =)

Every time I go into town to run errands , I go past my favorite stores .  
It is the hardware store , art materials store and a shop with lots of fabrics. It's my break from everyday life , to just stroll around and not think about anything else . I can walk around in a shop in an hour and a half and look, feel , compare, think about what I can make out of  things , and coming up with new miniature ideas ... It's just so nice to get away for a while. I think it's almost more fun to buy materials than to make the actual miniatures =) But it can ve very expensive to buy a lot of material all the time ...This is what I brought home today:

The red, white and cerise fabric will become sofas,
the pink and black yarn will be rugs.  
I bought 3 notebooks which I'll write all the dimensions so that I can keep track of them.  
The striped fabrics will be decorative pillows, 
I bought two varnish, one matt and one that is glossy .The beige fabric should be larger rugs.  
White duchtape . I'll use it for cardboard , etc. so that it gets better edges. 
I bought the t last fabric on the roll so I got the piece of cardboard that the fabric been on. It was really good! I usually buy such a board and make furniture of otherwise , but now I got it for free = )

I'm into doing things to make it complete rooms that I will sell at the fair. . Yesterday I realized that I needed a couch to show carpets etc.. And then I thought that maybe I should be more effective and do several at once. 
So yesterday I did the beginning of five pieces. So tonight I'll attach the fabric on them and make pillows. I hope I have time to start on the rugs soon too =)

I will borrow my brothers camera also to be able to take more proffessional photos =) It will be so fun! I´m so exited about everything =)
To be continued

Sunday, February 16, 2014

recent projects

I have been able to do much miniature work lately. I becomes a train that can not be stopped once I get started. I's fun that everything has gone so smoothly, but now I notice how tired I get of crafting. It's probably the other way around for many, they do it to relax. Of course, it can be relaxing for me too but it takes a lot of energy. But it's nice to have done some things that I'm going to sell at the fair.

These are some
of my recent projects. I have made a table, chair. lights, a canvas, and a bench. Mostly I do things inspired by pictures of things or real furniture. However, the table, bench and chair are my own designs =) All of a sudden I got an idea how I wanted a chair, but has never made a chair before so I had to look on the internet how I would do it. This is made of matboard because it´s a test, but then I'll do it in wood. a little bigger, I think that it must be. I´m going to to make a lot of different kinds of lights later. It will be fun!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

room and "real tv"

I bought the cardboard to make shelves for the fair, but it was the beginning of a house instead =) I was looking for inspiration and found this "house". I was going to see if I can build one myself =) so it became finnished yesterday. Then I found more stuff that this man has done and was inspired to do a "real TV".
Oh how happy you can be when you see the miniatures come to life =)
It is far from complete but I just wanted to show you in the process =) It was a bit hard to film with the webcam but you can see a little bit at least =)
I'll show more pictures later when it's done!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Many projects right now

Right now I have quite a lot to do .  
Me and Hannah who I got to know in a group for miniatures on Facebook are going to sell on the miniature fair in Stockholm in April.It´s very exciting, but i´m scared I that I dont get to do all the things in time. It feels like time goes by really fast . It will be so fun to meet her for the first time. We 've talked a lot on Facebook but never met in real life.She is very talented at making needle felted animals and things in clay.I will be selling modern miniatures at the fair . In Sweden it seems to be most common with old-fashioned style in miniatures, so I do not know how it will be to sell modern things .Today I bought cardboard which I'll try to make the shelves and have on the table.  
I'm building a dollhouse also if it works with just cardboard.I have also noticed that there is a great interest in my mini lundbyhouses .I shall make a few of them and sell at the fair .
It will be so much fun =)