Monday, February 3, 2014

Many projects right now

Right now I have quite a lot to do .  
Me and Hannah who I got to know in a group for miniatures on Facebook are going to sell on the miniature fair in Stockholm in April.It´s very exciting, but i´m scared I that I dont get to do all the things in time. It feels like time goes by really fast . It will be so fun to meet her for the first time. We 've talked a lot on Facebook but never met in real life.She is very talented at making needle felted animals and things in clay.I will be selling modern miniatures at the fair . In Sweden it seems to be most common with old-fashioned style in miniatures, so I do not know how it will be to sell modern things .Today I bought cardboard which I'll try to make the shelves and have on the table.  
I'm building a dollhouse also if it works with just cardboard.I have also noticed that there is a great interest in my mini lundbyhouses .I shall make a few of them and sell at the fair .
It will be so much fun =)


  1. Best wishes for a successful fair for you and Hannah!

  2. Held og lykke, det bliver så spændende for jer begge to.

  3. Tack, va snäll du är =)
    Så kul och spännande det ska bli. Jag är nervös för samma sak, att inte få ihop tillräckligt med saker.. men nu är det 60 dagar kvar ;) Så vi har ju fortfarande lite tid. Lycka till! Kram