Monday, February 24, 2014

Mother and son-time =)

Today I sat down on the couch after dinner and my son were playing next to me. I continued the rug that I'm doing right now (I learned the "proper technique" to tie rugs yesterday and it is MUCH faster than tying each knot separately after each row)
My son saw my rug and got really impressed.
I asked if he wanted to make one too and he was really happy to get the chance. First, he said, this looks like a butterfly! but then he wanted to make one that looked like mine. The purple one is the second rug that he did It's so nice that he wants to make rugs with me =)
Tomorrow I´ll be finnished with my rug and will make some pillows for the sofa to match =)


  1. Åh va härligt =) Kul att ni kan pyssla ihop =)
    Kram Hannah

  2. Hi Anna! What a cute post and how nice that you and your son could spend some quality time together, one on one. Every now and then, a window of opportunity opens up for me and my two children who are both young adults with timetables of their own. It is a good feeling regardless how young or old the children might be. Your rug is coming along very nicely!