Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have tried to make miniature clothes before, but gave up because it was so difficult to sew. But now I've borrowed a sewing machine again and decided to try again. I found a pattern on a dress that you can do looot of  variations to, so I tested it. I did three variations of that pattern, then I did a crossover dress too. I realized that it is easier to glue the seams instead of sewing.
In my vision in my head, there was little buttons on the dress so I did tiny little buttons in Fimo too. I did quite a lot of them, so I can use it in other projects as well. It was sooo relaxing to sit and make these dresses. almost like when you are knitting or crocheting. This is what I love about my miniature hobby, that you can vary what you do all the time and there are lot of different things though everything is still miniatures. It is so much fun!
I have always been
fascinated of all pretty clothes to Blythe dolls. I get so inspired!
Now I would really like to have a Blythe doll, but they are soooo expensive! It would be fun with any doll that you can bend the joints on. So if anyone of you who read my blog has a doll that you can spare, let me know ;)
This is what my first dresses looks like...
Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The fairy garden and some macaroons

Me and my son did the "fairy garden". He thought it was pretty fun to do. But I wanted to do a lot more in the garden, but there were no stones in the woods so I could not do that.
As the perfectionist I am, I was quite disappointed that we couldnt do what I had in my head, but I have to let these kinds of thoughts go when I do things with my son and leave it on a child's level =) But this is how it turned out:

I've wanted to make macaroons but I have thought that it seemed difficult to make them so small and make the "foot". But I made a mold and made many at the same time. I'll make cute boxes for them later.
Here are macaroons in three shades:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fairy garden preparations

Now I'm finally healthy again! 
It's boring to just lie on the couch and do nothing.  
On Thursday, my son is coming home (I have him every other week right now) and we are going to make a fairy garden in the woods. I have prepared some things that we will take with us out. I shall glue a door and window on to a tree and then we'll make decorations outside the "house", with stones and  things we can find in the forest. I made a fence that should be there, too, and I´m thinking to make a mailbox.  
I hope it will be good weather this weekend =)
Take care!