Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The fairy garden and some macaroons

Me and my son did the "fairy garden". He thought it was pretty fun to do. But I wanted to do a lot more in the garden, but there were no stones in the woods so I could not do that.
As the perfectionist I am, I was quite disappointed that we couldnt do what I had in my head, but I have to let these kinds of thoughts go when I do things with my son and leave it on a child's level =) But this is how it turned out:

I've wanted to make macaroons but I have thought that it seemed difficult to make them so small and make the "foot". But I made a mold and made many at the same time. I'll make cute boxes for them later.
Here are macaroons in three shades:


  1. Great looking garden! You have added wonderful things to attract the forest folk ;)

    Yummy macaroons always help ;P

  2. Great garden and macarones look delicious =)

  3. The macaroons look delicius. I like the colors.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Hello Anna! I like the color choices of your macaroons! Very Pretty! What made you decide on shades of cool turquoise blue? It was a good Idea to make a mold so that you could make a lot at one time. Would it be difficult to show us how? I have always been curious as to the procedure.


  5. Jag tycker "the fairy garden" blev bra. Kul att du gjorde det tillsammans med din son =)

  6. I love the colors! I have been looking for macaroons that I could bring to a party and I never even thought about changing their color! The theme of the party is pretty in pink so hopefully my shades of pink turn out just as good as yours!