Monday, August 25, 2014


I wanted to carve Mini-Me´s nostrils. First I tried with a knife, but then I wanted to try my multi-tool.

Hahaha it got stuck in her hair!! But always think positive; atleast she got a nice hair do ;)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lego box (also added to the giveaway)

My son is going through a period when he´s just thinking of lego all the time. 
I promised to make a lego box in miniature for him yesterday before he went to sleep, and started immediately when he fell asleep. 
I took pictures of a box and measured all the dimensions and made all the images in the correct size on the computer. I had worked for a while and then I pushed some wrong button so that everything I had done disappeared. I was more and more tired, but I had promised my son, so I would keep my promise that it would be ready in the morning =)  
So I did everything over again, but was falling asleep all the time. But finally it was finished and I printed a few boxes and glued together one of them. Just when I had printed them out, there was something wrong with the image software again and it all disappeared before I could save the finished pictures. typically. but I was atleast smart and wrote out many at the same time before it shut down.

So I thought I'd add a lego box in the giveaway too =) I shall rewrite the giveaway post for now it's not just empty moving boxes that I give, but boxes with content =) each today I put in something new, so in the end it will probably be pretty much =)

Click here if you want to be entered in the drawing =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mini tape adding to the craft room and giveaway

Today I did a chair for the craft room, but I havnt made ​​up my mind how I feel about it yet, so I wait with posting it on the blog =)

But one thing I was very pleased with were tape rolls I did! They were so small and cute and it's so funny that you can really use the tape too! =

I'll put some in the giveaway I have right now. I'll add more stuff there, when I have done something I have a few extra of =)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project right now: Craft room for Mini-Me

 Even before I got my Blythe doll, I started a little on a craft room. The idea is that I should do it like the way I would like to have it myself . So far I have made a desk, small clay packaging and wrappingpaper rolls. I'm thinking of using the shelf I did in 1:12 before, as storage, I think it would work well for yarn etc. I shall maybe repaint it either just white, or any other color.  

To be continued ...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sooo many new readers =)


Recently, the number of readers has increased pretty much. It's really really fun to know that people are reading my blog and they seem to like it =)  

But I dont know if the increase is due to the pinterest links available or if it is because I started with Blythe and many from Facebook groups found the blog through the links on my photos. 
I dont know if many think it is fun to see my stuff that I do in 1: 6, or if maybe I should take a break from it and do some other scales for a while?
What do you like to see on my blog? Please write a little what you think!

to you all, I'm so glad you found my blog =) Take care!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Want some moving boxes? Giveaway!

As you can see, is Mini-Me now moved into her new apartment. 
Since she doesnt need the moving boxes anymore, she thought that one of the readers might want a few boxes. Mini-Me protects the environment and think it is important to reuse things. She  also sends some other things that she does not need anymore. Right now this is what you get:
(more will be added)

The things in this giveaway is in 1:6 scale.

To participate you have to:

- leave a comment to this post 

(if you dont have a blog, write your email so I know how to contact you if you win)

- share the giveaway picture on your blog or fb and link it to this post

- follow my blog (if you have an acount)

- be kind to the earth and the ones who live here =) 

you can participate until August 31
To participate you have to:
- leave a comment to this post
- share the first picture on your blog
- follow my blog
- See more at:
To participate you have to:
- leave a comment to this post
- share the first picture on your blog
- follow my blog
- See more at:
To participate you have to:
- leave a comment to this post
- share the first picture on your blog
- follow my blog
- See more at:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Absolutely wonderful weather!

Mini-Me enjoying the sun and the vacationShe has taken a break from decorating the apartment and are sunbathing and taking it easy out on the balcony
It´s a wonderful day!

Tomorrow I will have a giveaway =) So be sure to check that out!
Hugs to you all!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving in

Mini-Me moved in a while ago.  
Now, all her furniture and stuff arrived with the moving van.
She had some banana boxes and some furniture that she bring to the apartment.

They are quite heavy...

At last she have everything in the apartment and can put hereself down for a while and take a breather.