Monday, July 21, 2014


I decided to do a "mini-me". Since I never show pictures of me, you can see me in miniature instead =) I changed her hair and made similar glasses that I have. I have removed the makeup and sanded the face. She should get new makeup later.

Custumization on my blythe

Today I made very much with my new blythe that I received yesterday. I have opened her head and made a gaze correction, sleepy eyes and also changed her body. No wonder she became tired.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My blythe is finally here!

Now I've got my Blythe doll! (or that's two dolls but they are the same) One, I packed up but the other may be left in the plastic until I'll customize her.  
Here's what she looks like:


I thought they looked a little scary when they were wrapped in plastic with starring eyes but it felt better when I removed it ;)

It's really hot weather today but she doesnt have to be naked. Yesterday, I made a dress that fits quite well. I´ll redo it later and put some decorations on.


I'll get started right away and sandpaper her face and carv the mouth. I´ll post pictures of the process later =)


She looks a little bit like me, we have almost the same haircolor (its my hair to the left) =)
What do you think, should I customize her so that she looks like me, or should I change hair color on her?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Waiting for my Blythe

I´m still waiting for my Blythe doll, but I have started preparing until she comes.  
I've decided that I should do different environments with things that I love to do in 1/6 for her. 
I LOVE to move and come to a new place with new conditions of life and new adventures and challenges. Coming into a new home is very exciting, and to decorate it so that it is cozy.  
So now I have done lot of moving boxes for her and little things to be packed up later =) Then you can follow her new life in Sweden here on my blog =)
I have also started making a craft room for her. I can not wait until she's here!
Right now I'm doing a Chinese-Swedish dictionary so she can learn the language ;)

Oh, I forgot to mention, today I ordered a new balljointed body for her also. An

Azone Pure Neemo Flection Full Articulation =) 

Friday, July 4, 2014

new shoes

I forgot to post the picture of the new shoes I´ve made. I put it on facebook but not here.
I´ve been makeing sneakers in clay before but now I tried the same pattern but with fabric and it worked this time =) so I did some in different colors. 3 pairs have been sold already =)
Today I have been watching a movie and cut more fabric for more shoes.
It's fun to
do them because I have the opportunity to do them in so many different colors. I´m thinking of maybe put them up on my etsy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

first time makeing 1:6 miniatures

I´m so eager to do things for my new blythe doll that I have ordered, so I have started doing some stuff already.  
Barbie will be the model until my blythe arrive =
I've never done things in 1:6 scale before and do not really like that it is so large, it is easier to do things in a smaller scale, but some things should I do anyways, so I soon put up more things in the blog in scale 1:6