Monday, July 21, 2014

Custumization on my blythe

Today I made very much with my new blythe that I received yesterday. I have opened her head and made a gaze correction, sleepy eyes and also changed her body. No wonder she became tired.


  1. the poor thing is probably jet lagged, let her sleep for a bit :)

    1. haha =) Yes I havnt thought about how difficult her journey must have been, it took three weeks for her to come here;) now she have slept for 20 hours and is still in deep sleep. I'm surprised at how calm she is when she sleeps, she is in the exact same position all the time. She's very quiet too, I can´t even her breathing, and she does not snore either;)

      I am also very quiet and still when I sleep, my mom used to say that she sometimes had to see if I was breathing when I slept =) So maybe the blythe doll is very similar to me on many levels ;)

  2. Vilken underbar bild!! Jag ser fram emot massa mer bilder sen
    Kram Hannah