Friday, July 4, 2014

new shoes

I forgot to post the picture of the new shoes I´ve made. I put it on facebook but not here.
I´ve been makeing sneakers in clay before but now I tried the same pattern but with fabric and it worked this time =) so I did some in different colors. 3 pairs have been sold already =)
Today I have been watching a movie and cut more fabric for more shoes.
It's fun to
do them because I have the opportunity to do them in so many different colors. I´m thinking of maybe put them up on my etsy.


  1. Hi Anna! You are one talented lady! The details in these sneakers is Fabulous and the laces are so cute! :D They look so authentic and I hope that you will sell LOTS! :D


  2. Hey Anna, cool shoes. During summer I only wear Converse, most comfy footwear their is. I like all the llittle details you put in the shoes. Enjoy your movie!

    Hugs AM

  3. Dom är så jättefina! Klart du ska lägga upp nån i din Etsy shop =)
    Kram Hannah

  4. Hi Anna,
    These are really cute. You did a great job on them.

  5. Wow, how sweet are they! Lovely =0)