Monday, July 29, 2013

Paper doilies

I found a tutorial how to make cake paper (doilies). They're really cute and pretty simple to make. I just used a pin to make the holes, but if you want you can do as in the tutorial and attach a needle to a craft knife or similarHere is the link to snowferm´s page:

And this is how mine turned out:


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Tutoriales flores y plantas
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Please let me know if any link doesn´t work =)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mini Blythe doll

As I wrote in my last post, I am going to do some mini blythe dolls in my 1:12 expedit shelf.  
I chose to do a "Middie Blythe". It is 20 cm in reality, so I made it as small as it would be in 1:12.  
But I have to redo the smallest shelf, because I had built it as it would be if the dolls were in 1:6 but it's supposed to be smaller because it is the large Blythe doll that is in 1:6 scale. I figured  it to be 1:8 for Middie Blythe. So I'm going to do a new mini shelf later.
Anyway, this is my Blythe doll. The body I made of Fimo, I cut small squares and glued on as a dress. I have hair extensions in different colors and decided to try to make a brown-haired doll. I glued  hair and drew eyes. I did not find my colors so I just did black eyes on the first. later I´ll make dolls that look more like the original. But it was fun to do this small =)
Tomorrow I'll do more dolls and furniture.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Expedit shelfs

I ordered a lot of balsa wood and strips of different wood types last week. I have wanted to start making furniture, and has so far just made ​​the furniture of foamboard, but now I want to do it "for real".  
I had no idea what sizes of wood I would need, so I bought a little of everything. The first thing I was going to build was a "Expedit" shelf from ikea. I thought it would be in 1:12, and the person who "lives there" would like miniatures as well, so the expedit shelf should be different room boxes =) I have wanted to by Blythe dolls myself, but they are soo expensive so I decided that I should make Blythe dolls in miniature and have in the miniature shelf =
I got a real size shelf from a kind friend and thought it was perfect to have my miniatures as a small exhibition in the living room. So yesterday I got the packages in the mail with all the wood. In the evening when my son had fallen asleep, I started to build.  
So the result was a Expedit shelf in 1:12. Then I figured out how big a 1:6 shelf would be in 1:12, and made ​​one that was even smaller than the first. Now I'll start making small Blythe dolls too =) It will be fun!

Here is a mini mini Expedit shelf inside a 1:12 Expedit shelf, inside a 1:1 Expedit shelf =)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Selling my miniature Schnauzer!

Now I have figured out how to do an auktion on ebay =)
See my auktion were I sell the miniature schnauzer that I´ve made.
It starts at $32 =) So If you like it, please watch my auktion:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Linda´s Wedding Cake!

My neighbor was at her friend Linda's wedding, then I saw that they had posted pictures on Facebook from the big day. I saw the wedding cake and immediately thought: I have to make this cake in miniature! It is sooo nice!
So yesterday, I started to "bake" the cake. I never made roses before but found a good tutorial.
I could not get  the lace pattern right, but there is a little structure anyway.

I asked Linda if it's ok to post a picture of the original cake so that you too can see how it looked. A very beautiful wedding cake!

Now it's done and this is the result:

The original cake        The miniature cake