Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mini Blythe doll

As I wrote in my last post, I am going to do some mini blythe dolls in my 1:12 expedit shelf.  
I chose to do a "Middie Blythe". It is 20 cm in reality, so I made it as small as it would be in 1:12.  
But I have to redo the smallest shelf, because I had built it as it would be if the dolls were in 1:6 but it's supposed to be smaller because it is the large Blythe doll that is in 1:6 scale. I figured  it to be 1:8 for Middie Blythe. So I'm going to do a new mini shelf later.
Anyway, this is my Blythe doll. The body I made of Fimo, I cut small squares and glued on as a dress. I have hair extensions in different colors and decided to try to make a brown-haired doll. I glued  hair and drew eyes. I did not find my colors so I just did black eyes on the first. later I´ll make dolls that look more like the original. But it was fun to do this small =)
Tomorrow I'll do more dolls and furniture.


  1. Hi Anna! What a teeny tiny doll! You have a very steady hand to work in this scale so impressively! I really like this doll and you have styled her hair very nicely! She's a real cutie! Keep up the great work Anna


  2. This is an awesome mini doll, Anna! You did great job with the dolls eyes, they seems to be rather difficult to draw!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. wow I am amazed at how small it is, and the detail is fantastic

  4. How tiny and cute! She has big eyes, just like the real-life Blythes. I'm looking forward to seeing more! xo Jennifer

  5. So tiny and cute! I love the colour of her dress and the brown hair really compliments it. It will be great to see a group of them together.

    ML Fi xx

  6. Jag blir så sugen på att göra mini-dockor jag med =) Ser fram emot fortsättningen =)