Thursday, July 18, 2013

Expedit shelfs

I ordered a lot of balsa wood and strips of different wood types last week. I have wanted to start making furniture, and has so far just made ​​the furniture of foamboard, but now I want to do it "for real".  
I had no idea what sizes of wood I would need, so I bought a little of everything. The first thing I was going to build was a "Expedit" shelf from ikea. I thought it would be in 1:12, and the person who "lives there" would like miniatures as well, so the expedit shelf should be different room boxes =) I have wanted to by Blythe dolls myself, but they are soo expensive so I decided that I should make Blythe dolls in miniature and have in the miniature shelf =
I got a real size shelf from a kind friend and thought it was perfect to have my miniatures as a small exhibition in the living room. So yesterday I got the packages in the mail with all the wood. In the evening when my son had fallen asleep, I started to build.  
So the result was a Expedit shelf in 1:12. Then I figured out how big a 1:6 shelf would be in 1:12, and made ​​one that was even smaller than the first. Now I'll start making small Blythe dolls too =) It will be fun!

Here is a mini mini Expedit shelf inside a 1:12 Expedit shelf, inside a 1:1 Expedit shelf =)


  1. Det är så kul med miniatyrer av saker man har i "verklig" skala =) Ska bli spännande att se dockorna sen =)

  2. The shelf looks very fine! I'll have to try to do one of these to my own dollhouse too =)

  3. LOVE IT, ANNA! How very clever and what a great idea to not only make these shelves in different scales but to also make the Blythe Dolls in Miniature too! I do not think that I have seen that before and so, with all of your considerable talents for sculpting I know that you can do it! How much fun is that going to be!!?? You really are going for it Anna!


  4. great shelving, looking forward to seeing what you next create

  5. A great idea. It's perfect in a modern living room.
    Greetings, Faby

  6. Wow! Great idea! I can't wait to see the mini dioramas and mini Blythe dolls--fun! xo Jennifer

  7. HAHA! love seeing the shelf in a shelf ;) Great furniture!

  8. A shelf in a shelf..........both are gorgeous, well done, Anna!
    Hugs, Ilona