Monday, July 29, 2013

Paper doilies

I found a tutorial how to make cake paper (doilies). They're really cute and pretty simple to make. I just used a pin to make the holes, but if you want you can do as in the tutorial and attach a needle to a craft knife or similarHere is the link to snowferm´s page:

And this is how mine turned out:


  1. The doilies turned out very well. Now we just need to see some yummy cakes and pastries on them!
    (I will have to tell Mr Crumble about this. He might want to make some for his bakery too)

  2. Lovely doilies! You just gave me great idea. I cut out small doilies from a real size paper doily's edge. I'm now going to try punching them with a needle and see how they turn out.
    Thanks and a hug, Drora

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the link! xo Jennifer

  4. Hello Anna! I am a BIG fan of Cindy Teh and I love this doily technique! You have done a really good job of making all those little pinholes. Really well, done Anna! Does this mean that you are planning to make some MORE of your Fabulous Mini Cakes!?


  5. Te han salido estupendos, ahora a ponerle dulces tartas. Me gusta mucho el resultado.
    Un abrazo.