Thursday, February 20, 2014

Material shopping =)

Every time I go into town to run errands , I go past my favorite stores .  
It is the hardware store , art materials store and a shop with lots of fabrics. It's my break from everyday life , to just stroll around and not think about anything else . I can walk around in a shop in an hour and a half and look, feel , compare, think about what I can make out of  things , and coming up with new miniature ideas ... It's just so nice to get away for a while. I think it's almost more fun to buy materials than to make the actual miniatures =) But it can ve very expensive to buy a lot of material all the time ...This is what I brought home today:

The red, white and cerise fabric will become sofas,
the pink and black yarn will be rugs.  
I bought 3 notebooks which I'll write all the dimensions so that I can keep track of them.  
The striped fabrics will be decorative pillows, 
I bought two varnish, one matt and one that is glossy .The beige fabric should be larger rugs.  
White duchtape . I'll use it for cardboard , etc. so that it gets better edges. 
I bought the t last fabric on the roll so I got the piece of cardboard that the fabric been on. It was really good! I usually buy such a board and make furniture of otherwise , but now I got it for free = )

I'm into doing things to make it complete rooms that I will sell at the fair. . Yesterday I realized that I needed a couch to show carpets etc.. And then I thought that maybe I should be more effective and do several at once. 
So yesterday I did the beginning of five pieces. So tonight I'll attach the fabric on them and make pillows. I hope I have time to start on the rugs soon too =)

I will borrow my brothers camera also to be able to take more proffessional photos =) It will be so fun! I´m so exited about everything =)
To be continued


  1. Great shopping trip! I can't wait to see the sofas and pillows :-)

  2. Hi Anna! I also am sucker for collecting fabrics and it is hard to come out empty handed from the fabric store just like you. Your selection looks like it is well chosen and you should have plenty of fun to get really creative with it.


  3. Ser ut att vara en kul shoppingrunda =) Jag ser verkligen fram emot att se sofforna! Hannah