Saturday, April 13, 2013

My second cake

Now I have made another cake. It's really fun to do. I havent done such cakes I did in real life yet. When I made them in real size I  focused mostly on the decorations on the outside. But now in 1:12 I try out different color combinations on the cake layers. It is more difficult to do that in real life so it's fun to try it in 1:12 scale. But the next cake I'll do, I'll try to do more decorations on the outside. But this is how my second cake turned out anyway =) I made a simple cake with different shades of pink on the cake layers and just plain white on the outside. I did the cakestand and a few plates to.


  1. Congratulations on your second cake! I am very intimidated my polymer clay food! I have a friend who is willing to teach me but I wonder if I should keep arranging swaps with other blogging friends who are amazing miniature food artisans! Your cake is beautiful.

  2. Superbra =) Och vilket fint tårtfat! "Pickar" du tårtan med en nål eller liknande på de skurna kanterna?

    1. Tack =) Jag använde ett sånt där verktyg me en kula längst ut. sen gjorde jag med den runt hela. Ville ha lite shabbychick stuk på de =)

  3. I love your choice of colours for the cake, very beautiful. IndyPoppy

  4. Hello Anna! I think that this cake is absolutely fantastic! You have made the colors of this cake so delicate and so Yummy looking and I would love to have a bite! Keep up the great work Anna! These cakes are a Hit with me!


  5. Your cake looks wonderful. I like that you can see different shades in you cake pieces, it makes it very lifelike

  6. Your cake looks delicious. I like the colors.
    Bye, Faby

  7. Hemligheten att få det rosa så fluffigt är alltså att sticka in en liten boll in och ut? Den här tårtan var också jätte fin!