Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today I went to the grocery store to buy lots of food before my son comes home tomorrow. It is sooo nice weather here right now so I got spring feeling and thought I should treat myself something that I have long wanted, so after I had bought lots of food, I went off to another place and went and looked in the shops. I found a multi-tool that I bought. It allows you to cut, polish, sand, engrave, drill etc.. It will really come in handy now =) Then I went to a second hand store. As soon as I came in I saw two pasta machines. I walked around a bit but knew I had to buy one. I have tried to find a cheap pasta machine on tradera and have bid but it has always been very expensive. But this was not expensive at all =) Now I can finally do different stuff with clay that I have wanted to try to do. Then I took the opportunity to buy cheap hair dye at another store too =) I'm so happy for what I bought! Immediately when I got home so I tested the multitool and I´m so happy about it! I made some plates with pasta machine. I'll post a picture of what I bought last week as well.

The multitool on the stand

The pasta machine

This is a table lamp that I need because I always photograph my things when it´s night and so bad lighting, this will make it better =) I bought sissors, clay and sculpting tools, yarn, fake fur, and "round sticks"


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. Shopping sprees can be so much fun. I got my pasta machine at Michaels. I got it at half price because I had a 50% off coupon. Those Michael coupons are fantastic. I never shop without one.

  2. A pasta machine is brilliant for working with fimo or other clay!!
    Great purchases!!

  3. So many good shopping you've done. I also wonder if I should get hold of a pasta machine. It sounds like you've had a lovely day.

  4. Åh va mycket kul du köpt! Jag har aldrig haft tillräckligt med tid att testa min pastamaskin o multiverktyget. Och är lite rädd att slipdammet ska sätta sig i hela lägenheten, så jag måste hitta en bra plats för det. =) Sen är jag så feg med nya grejer o drar ut på att prova dem. Men jag blev så osäker med min maskin om den verkligen kan såga, det stod inget om det i beskrivningen.. men jag får kolla mer noga.

  5. Hi Anna, you won't regret buying the multi tool! I use mine almost everyday when building the antique store. The engrave tool is ideal to cut out slots for electricity. It looks like you had a good shopping spree! Hug AM

  6. what great finds! I bet you are filled with inspiration now :)

  7. Hi Anna, You had a very productive shopping spree. I think you will enjoy using the pasta machine to roll out the fimo. I have just started using fimo again.... Cannot find the pasta machine I bought at a church sale some years ago!

    Look forward to seeing your next project.
    Regards Janine

  8. Lucky girl Anna! I have been looking for a second hand pastal machine for ages and finally found one but without the handle. I decided not to get it, changed my mind and went back for it and it was gone! You snooze, you lose, as the saying goes. Enjoy yours and think of me when you do! hahahha
    Congratulations on your thrift store scores!!!!