Friday, February 8, 2013

A box

Yesterday I went to Lagerhaus and bought a box that I thought would fit well as roombox. I used foam board before. But I think it´s so boring to do the floors, and it is so ugly with white foamboard flooring.  
So now, I thought it might be fun to make room and don´t have to think about the boring moments. I´m not sure if I should cut out windows or cover the holes. We'll see how it goes.
Now I'll start looking for decorating inspiration. YEY =)  This will be a children's room =)


  1. HI Anna, great idea. Please share your decorating inspiration! It's always fun to see other peoples plans and idea's. Looking forward to your next post! gr. AM

  2. That box looks great. Try looking here for ideas, this is where I went to get ideas for my nursery roombox.

    Have fun!

  3. Jag trorhålen kan bli fina fönster utan massa jobb med, de kanske kan vara som de är?! Kul med ett nytt projekt, lycka till =)

  4. This box is perfect for a children's room.
    Bye Faby

  5. Ha det så roligt nu med projektet. Lådan är perfekt för tittskåp, du kan kolla på inrädningstidningar. De brukar har fina bilder och där kanske kommer idé fram :)

  6. Great box!! I love children's rooms too. I'm currently working on our twins room.

    If you want to make things easy cover over the holes but I do like windows, I think it's waht gives a room character.

    ML Fi xx

  7. That looks fun! I think decorating is the best part.