Monday, February 25, 2013

Shelves and a bed

 I've done a few shelves and a little bed for the children´s room that I'm doing right now.  
Here's how it looks right now. 
I'll post more pictures later when I have done more things to the room.


  1. It's a cute little bed and the books are very nice!

  2. Hello Anna! I see that this is going to be a contemporary children' s bedroom; Very Nice! Your books look Great, and I like the way that you have them displayed on the shelves. I wonder how long that will last with the way children are? My children would have had EVERYTHING lying about on the floor as soon as ' I ' had everything picked up and put away! I like the way you have grouped the books regarding color and size, as well. There is a flow and rhythm to the arrangement. Look forward to seeing more soon!


  3. Habitación moderna y alegre, me gusta el diseño de la cama. Una fantastica colección de libros ! Mariajo

  4. It's a modern children's bedroom. Very nice. I'm curiois to see more.
    Bay Faby

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