Monday, February 4, 2013

have to sleep on it...

I´ve been glueing the "artwork" to the ceiling, but it didn´t come out the way that I had pictured it in my head, so I´m a little dissapointed. I don´t know what to do with it, if I shall work on it some more to improve it or if I should get rid of it.. hmm... I have to sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow... The room is far from finnished.


  1. I like the artwork, especially the shadow it casts on the wall! gr. AM

  2. I like it =)

    If you do decide to remove it, try removing a couple pieces first and seeing if the change feels better. The next day you might love it ;P

  3. It's interesting and different. It's always nice to see something different in dollhouse land. Just play around with it and see how you like it. By the way, I love that sofa. It looks like the sort piece one can just let oneself go and land where one might and just have a nice snooze!

  4. The shadow of your artwork against the wallpaper looks great, perhaps it is the kind of wallpaper what disturbs you??
    I like the sofa, it is wonderful.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. I agree with the people above Anna! You’re sofa is a sure success! and the art work is beautiful. The wallpaper is great on its one but I think the wallpaper is distracting when you have the art! Maybe a statement colored wall will make the art turn out better something like this perhaps:

    Or this:

  6. I like the shadow of your artwork. It's original.
    The sofa is wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  7. I like it too =) My daughter would love this in scale 1:1, she loves things hanging from the roof. Very nice idea!
    But maybe it should be beside the sofa and not right under? But that might loose the shadow-effect?!