Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waiting for the mail...

I bought these things on tradera last week and waiting for them to plump down in the mailbox at any time. I'm so happy because I really wanted to make a copy of my self-designed lamp, though in miniature, so now I have finally found a cheap lundby lamp that I should re do =) This is what the original is looking like:

I had intended to use a Styrolit ball, but I wanted to be able to light it, so I waited until I found a cheap lundby lamp on tradera.
I "Happened" to bid on the stove and sink too =) I only have a mini kitchen that is red, but it wouldnt look good if I painted it, so now when I found a white, so I can finally make the kitchen the way I want it. Now I am waiting for things to come, then Im going to decorate more in my dollhouse that I'm doing right now.
More pictures coming soon!

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