Monday, May 18, 2015

Mini-me is back!

 Me and Mini-Me is back =) As you miniaturists know, you can be very active in periods and other periods you just dont make anything.
I have been takeing a break from the miniatures for a while and been doing my other hobby- cake design, for a while now. But now I want to make some miniatures and we have arranged a swap in our facebook group =) So I´m back. Feels like I have been missing a lot of what my miniaturemakeing friends have been up to, but I will take a look on a couple of your blogs at least =)
As Mini-Me is, well like me, she´s getting dreads =) So before I make them on myself, I tried to make them on Mini-Me. So this is how she looks right now.

And these are a few of the cakes I have been makeing while not doing miniatures:

maybe I will start makeing miniature cakes soon =)