Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blythe dolls =))

Oh I'm so happy! I dyed my hair today (pink) and when I sat at the computer again, I looked for cheap blythe dolls. I had not really thought about buying one now, but still, I checked around a bit.  
The first doll I found cost only $ 47! I was so excited and thought long and hard if I really should spend money on a doll this month .. And decided that YES I will =)  
So I didn´t just buy one doll, but TWO =) One of them I'll leave as it is, while the othe I will make new hair, new makeup, etc. for =) I'm sooo happy! I can hardly wait until I can start making clothes for it and other things. Here's how it looks (I dont get the dress):


  1. This is a very pretty Blythe doll Anna! I think that Blythe dolls are pretty special so I am very happy for you! :D


  2. I'm glad you were able to find some. That is a very pretty doll and I love her hair! Looking forward to seeing what sort of clothes you will be making.

  3. Jättefin! Är så glad att du köpt en nu =)