Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspiration for my 1:48 house

I will do as the interior design blogs, when they put up the inspiration for the rooms as a collage . 

Yesterday I searched for wallpaper to my 1:48 house. I want to have it modern but saw a really nice photo wallpaper and I saw  what I should do = ) At first I had thought of doing a nature theme in only one of the bathrooms , when you´ll enter the the tiny bathroom- suddenly you are in  a forest and that will be the wowfactor of the house. Theree you can sit on the toilet and dreaming away.But once I had put up the wallpaper I realized that it would be really nice to have that as a theme throughout the house. It should not be too much, for I still want the house modern and simple, but it will be a little bit of nature in all rooms , more or less .

So at the bottom you can see then how the wallpaper in the small bathroom looks. It will be dark wallpaper on the other walls and green carpet that looks like moss or grass. Then I had planned to make a toilet paper holder of a small stick and it should sit a mini bird on . Maybe a mushroom decoration on the floor.In he living room it shall be a fireplace with hanging chairs, maybe lounge chairs or a sofa ,blankets and other cozy stuff = )
In the master bedroom there should be a wallpaper with a misty forest. it´s very beautiful, a big bed with lot of pillows on top.

In one of the children's rooms there will be gray wooden floors and white walls. Of course, there should be pennants =) It will be many beautiful colors in the decor of the room, while it's a bit simpler colors in the other rooms. And a dollhouse should be there too =)

I have not planned all the rooms yet (I always want to have a picture in my head before I start to put in things) But the house is really fun to do and it really is another experience to do a house with a open roof instead of a house that is open on the front. 

to be continued... =) 

toilet: i bath uk,
raindeer pillow:
bow pillow:

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  1. Låter som det blir riktigt snyggt =)
    Lycka till med fortsättningen!
    Kram Hannah