Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting ready for the fair

Now the fair approaches and I try to be finished with as many miniatures as possible.  
Right now I'm making lamps, beds and carpets. I run out of color in my printer so there is many things I cant continue right now. but now I have ordered them so I hope to be able to continue with the 1:144 furnitures tomorrow. 
I am thinking that I maybe will make some room boxes to sell on  the fair too.

Perhaps those who buy them can glue it themselves, so it doesnt take so much space on our little table.
I have discovered how helpful it is to use spray paint instead of regular paint on furniture. It goes so much faster and will be so much smoother than when using a brush. I'll buy more spray paints now =)

This is what's happening for me right now, have a good time, everybody! Hugs!


  1. Spændende Anna med den messe, du må huske at tage mange billeder. God arbejdslyst.

  2. So much work...but so much fun too! Have a great fair and please take pictures to share with us!